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News Manager Beta documentation

I've consolidated most of the scattered info about NM beta's new features, settings, etc. into this documentation page. It's a draft, needs to be completed and improved a lot, but at least you only [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 17

Info + Download

News Manager 2.5 beta 16

NEW: - Sitemap supported in GS 3.3.x - posts are inserted in sitemap.xml OTHER: - UI enhancements and fixes (settings page; some of these contributed by @emanwebdev) - fixed support for jquery cdn [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 15

New custom settings: - imageclass - imagesize - excerptlength - showfields - componentbottompost - componentafterpost More information + Download

News Manager 2.5 beta 14

Changed since beta 13: dropped support for nm-* components/blocks introduced in beta 10 (as I had already said) optional gsconfig variables $NMIMAGEINPUT, $NMIMAGEDIR and $NMLOWERCASETAGS no longer [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 13

(those using betas 10, 11 or 12 please read this) New functions (or template tags) for use in templates or components - nm_post_slug() - echo/return current post slug - nm_post_url() - echo/return [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 12

Changes since beta 11: - New options in backend settings for images, readmore, title links, etc. (@TeeJay, @Oleg06, ...) - Removed support for gsconfig variable $NMARCHIVESBY (it's now in settings) - [...] Read more

News Manager 2.4.4

Just a maintenance release. No new features since 2.4.3 Changelog: - fixed jQuery validation in Settings - fix for dates in Windows hosts (@MaxShy) Note: If you are using NM 2.5 beta, ignore this [...] Read more