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News Manager 2.5 beta 7

New features in this version: - Image/file browser button for easy selection of pictures in data/uploads/ (or its subfolders) (It works exactly like in I18N Custom Fields, Special Pages...) - [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 5

Enable "read more" links by adding this to gsconfig: $NMREADMORE = true; You can change the default "read more" text. Example: $nm_i18n['READ_MORE'] = 'Continue reading'; BTW there are a couple new [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 6

1) You can now set (in gsconfig) the position of the Image input box in the post edit page: $NMIMAGEINPUT = 0; // or FALSE : not visible $NMIMAGEINPUT = 1; // in Options, first field $NMIMAGEINPUT = [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.5

New function/template tag nm_list_recent_by_tag Displays a list of recent posts that have a given tag. (original idea by @vincenzo; code rewritten from scratch) Examples: <?php [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.4

Updated to support the post images feature in News Manager 2.5 (currently in beta) New tokens are: {{ post_image_url }} - full URL of the post thumbnail/image {{ post_image }} - html code for the [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta: new features

News Manager 2.5 beta has several new "hidden" features (not available directly in Settings): you can have thumbnails / featured images for your posts; a "read more" link after the post excerpt. post [...] Read more

News Manager 2.4.3

- fix IE bug when pressing Enter on search box - optimization: nm_post_title no longer does an extra file read