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News Manager 2.4.2

fixes issue with meta description.

News Manager 2.4.1

Quick bugfix: remove , placeholders from excerpts If you use placeholders like and near the beginning of posts, they are processed when they appear in excerpts (so if you e.g. insert a gallery in a [...] Read more

Custom frontend strings (2.4.0+)

Since version 2.4.0 you can redefine all frontend language strings, allowing some basic customization. (With previous versions of the plugin, some of them could be modified by editing the language [...] Read more

News Manager 2.4.0

Changelog Frontend - support for other plugins that insert content using tokens or shortcodes (galleries, dynpages, etc.) - also, fixes issue when you use getPageContent in template/component - [...] Read more

Patch: store and display post author in News Manager

Edit news_manager/inc/posts.php, find this: Code: $obj = $xml->addChild('content'); $obj->addCData($content); Just after that, insert this: Code: // patch (author) if (isset($_POST['author'])) [...] Read more