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News Manager 3.0 beta 19

News Manager 3.0 beta 19 available. Download - Info Changes since beta 18: - bumped plugin version (from 2.5) up to 3.0 (sorry for the confusion - I should have done this way earlier) - new custom [...] Read more

News Manager 2.4.5

News Manager (updated) 2.4.5 available in Extend. This is just another maintenance release - no new features since 2.4.4. It has several fixes that had already been applied to the extended beta [...] Read more

News Manager

News Manager (updated) available in Extend - Added Italian language (thanks @GPB61) - Fixed broken (by me) Dutch language (@thyrif) If you're using 2.4.4 you don't need to upgrade. If you're [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 18

Info + download