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News Manager 3.6 released

New: - meta description for posts - date/time picker in edit post Changes: - fixed issue (proper display of ellipsis in Bootstrap's "pagination" for numbered navigation) See release notes for more [...] Read more

News Manager 3.5 released

Proper canonical meta tags for better SEO with new get_header replacement, fixed integration with Multi-User plugin, etc. See release notes

News Manager Addons plugin version 0.9.5

New functions nm_custom_display_random and nm_custom_list_random to display randomly selected posts (instead of recent or future ones)

News Manager 3.4.1 released

There are no important fixes in this version, so it's not necessary to upgrade from 3.4 (unless you need any of the changes): - Now compatible with custom permalink structures having I18N's %parents% [...] Read more

News Manager 3.4 released

Limited number of elements in numbered navigation (customizable), ability to exclude tags, support for PHP date() format (besides strfime), dropped support for GS 3.0 and some other changes. Full [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin version 0.9.4

- Added support for post title excerpts with new placeholder {{ post_title_excerpt }} - New function nm_set_custom_title_excerpt lets you customize the title excerpt length (default 15) and ellipsis [...] Read more

News Manager 3.3 released

Changelog for this version: Back-end (admin) improvements: Warning about unsaved changes in backend (edit post, settings). It can be disabled Backend prev/next numbered pagination in posts list [...] Read more

News Manager Date/Time Picker plugin version 0.1.1

This plugin adds a date/time picker to the post editor. Since version 0.1.1 it uses GetSimple's backed colors (red, blue). It is now available for download in Extend