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News Manager Toolbar plugin

Adds tabs with links to News Manager admin pages in SA Toolbar. Fixed tabs (frontend and backend): - News Manager - Create new post If viewing a NM post in the frontend, another tab will appear: - [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.3

News Manager Addons 0.3 beta now has a couple new functions, one of them for overriding the excerpt length defined in settings. Example: insert this <?php nm_set_custom_excerpt(100); before [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.2

With News Manager Addons plugin 0.2 beta you can do display excerpts and dates in the sidebar, like: <?php nm_set_custom_date('%d/%m/%Y'); nm_custom_list_recent(' <a href="{{ [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.1.1

I've done a small update to NM Addons. 0.1.1 beta lets you display the date before the title, like: PHP Code: <?php nm_list_recent_with_date('%d/%m/%Y &raquo; ', true); ?> [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.1

Right now it only has a sidebar function/template tag, nm_list_recent_with_date Usage (examples): PHP Code: <?php nm_list_recent_with_date(); ?> or PHP Code: <?php [...] Read more

News Manager 2.3.2

No new features, just another maintenance release: - (temp) fix to use correct utf-8 locale for dates - fix utf-8 date issues in Windows - fix post delete/update issues in some Windows environments - [...] Read more