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News Manager 2.5 beta 14

Changed since beta 13:

  • dropped support for nm-* components/blocks introduced in beta 10 (as I had already said)

  • optional gsconfig variables $NMIMAGEINPUT, $NMIMAGEDIR and $NMLOWERCASETAGS no longer supported - they are now replaced by constants, to be used like:
    define('NMIMAGEINPUT', 3);
    define('NMIMAGEDIR', 'imagefolder');
    define('NMLOWERCASETAGS', true);

Other changes:

  • updated/completed Czech, German, Russian, Italian translations (thanks TeeJay, Connie, Oleg06, GPB61)

  • fixed issues in just-installed sites that haven't been configured.

  • removed gaps between <h3>, post title and </h3>


  • You can now select thumbnails/images from data/thumbs/ and they will not be treated as external images (so they will be scaled, cropped...)

  • Blank spaces, non-alphanumeric, non-English characters (except comma) are now allowed (and should work) in tags

  • Added sidebar function nm_tag_list() (displays a plain <ul> list, no tag cloud)
    <?php nm_tag_list(); ?>

  • Added template tag/function nm_post_excerpt (optional parameters: length, ellipsis; default as in settings)
    <?php nm_post_excerpt(); ?>
    <?php nm_post_excerpt(100,'...'); ?>
    <?php nm_post_excerpt(200) or get_page_excerpt(200); ?>

  • Added template tag/function nm_post_image_url (optional parameters: width, height, crop, default image)
    <?php nm_post_image_url(); ?>
    <?php nm_post_image_url(300,200,1); ?>

  • Added template tag/function nm_post_has_image (returns true if current post has an image).
    <?php if (nm_post_has_image();) { ?><img src="<?php nm_post_image_url(); ?>" /><?php } ?>

  • Added template tag/function nm_is_home(), returns true if main news index page. Example: <?php if (nm_is_home()) {
    // display or do something ...
    } ?>

  • New optional frontend Custom settings: tagseparator, markuptitle, markuppost
    tagseparator ", "
    ...changes the default separator between tags (a blank space) by a comma (and a space)
    markuptitle h2
    single markuptitle h1

    ...changes the default html tag used in post titles (<h3>) by an <h2> tag, and by <h1> in single post pages.
    markuppost article ...changes the default html tag used as wrapper for posts (<div>), by HTML5's <article> tag.

Thanks to TeeJay, D.O. and everyone else for your ideas and suggestions.

As always, feedback is very much appreciated. Please report any issue you find.


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