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News Manager 2.5 beta 10

New: - you can force always displaying the "read more" link after post excerpts (even if they're shorter than the maximum length): $NMREADMORE = 'a'; - new 'link' option for $NMIMAGES, to make [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.7

New second (optional) parameter in function nm_custom_display_recent (and nm_custom_list_recent) that lets you filter by tag. Example: <?php nm_custom_display_recent(' <div [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 9

Changes in this version: - last word in excerpts is no longer truncated - optional alt, title attributes in post <img> tags. Example: $NMIMAGES = array('width'=>90, 'height'=>90, [...] Read more

News Manager Addons plugin 0.6

New function/template tag nm_search_with_placeholder(): replacement for nm_search(), shows a placeholder text in the search input box. It supports News Manager's 2.5 SEARCH_PLACEHOLDER language [...] Read more

News Manager 2.5 beta 8

- tags beginning with underscore (_) are "hidden": they're invisible (under the posts, in the tag cloud), but are searchable (with ?tag= or /tag/ in the URL) - extra Save post and Save settings [...] Read more