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News Manager 3.0 released

What's new in 3.0: Changes - last word in excerpts is no longer truncated by default - single posts' title is inserted in the <title> tag by default, for better SEO - Sitemap supported again [...] Read more

News Manager 3.0 beta 23

Changes (since beta 22): completed Danish translation (thanks @chrsand) pagination starts at 1 instead of 0 (so the second page (URL) is 2 instead of 1, etc.) numbered + prev/next navigation (as [...] Read more

News Manager 3.0 beta 22

Changes (since beta 21): content filter applied in functions nm_show_tag, nm_show_post, etc. when used as template tags - so placeholders, etc. will be processed by other plugins (including NM [...] Read more

News Manager 3.0 beta 21

Changes (since beta 20): - upgrade check for the correct plugin version in Extend (this will not be noticed until a new version is available, e.g. 3.0.1 or 3.1). Thanks to @shawn_a for his help with [...] Read more