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News Manager 3.0 beta 23

Changes (since beta 22):

  •     completed Danish translation (thanks @chrsand)
  •     pagination starts at 1 instead of 0 (so the second page (URL) is 2 instead of 1, etc.)
  •     numbered + prev/next navigation (as default - older/newer now optional) (@tapioka)
  •     new strings in language files for prev/next links (texts and link titles)
  •     several slight changes

Pagination index (page= or page/ in URL) starts now at 1 instead of 0 by default.
This can be changed back to the old way with a new custom setting:

If you don't want the new prev/next numbered navigation and prefer the classic Older/Newer links, use this new custom setting:
navOldNew 1

If you want the prev/next links but don't want the numbers between them, use this custom setting:
navNumber 0

If for any reason you need to disable the navigation,
showNav 0

These are the new language strings (can be redefined in Custom settings or in gsconfig with $nm_i18n[...]):
PREV_LINK "Previous page"
NEXT_LINK "Next page"

(default English values shown)

Opinions and feedback is very welcome.

Unless there's some issue, this should be another release candidate. :-)

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