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News Manager 2.5 beta 6

1) You can now set (in gsconfig) the position of the Image input box in the post edit page:

$NMIMAGEINPUT = 0; // or FALSE : not visible
$NMIMAGEINPUT = 1; // in Options, first field
$NMIMAGEINPUT = 2; // or TRUE : in Options, last field
$NMIMAGEINPUT = 3; // directly visible above content
$NMIMAGEINPUT = 4; // directly visible below content

2) You can now remove the link from the post title, with a gsconfig setting.
Usage examples:

// remove link to self in single post title
$NMTITLENOLINK = 'single';

// remove link in post title in single, main and tag pages:
$NMTITLENOLINK = 'single, main, tag';

available strings:
single, main, tag, archive, search

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