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News Manager 2.4.0


- support for other plugins that insert content using tokens or shortcodes (galleries, dynpages, etc.)
- also, fixes issue when you use getPageContent in template/component
- localization (for dates) is now set in the language file (new LOCALE string)
- moved some hardcoded strings (<<, ?, etc.) to language file
- new string (ELLIPSIS) for "[...]" in language file
- all frontend language strings are now redefinable (in gsconfig), no need to edit the language file
- several validation alert messages in English (title, date, time) are now translated
- removed "Link to local page" link type in post editor
- future/scheduled posts have dates in a different color
- CKeditor no longer uses html entities (like GetSimple)
- changed link to updated documentation page
- fix for fancy URL setting not being available in some cases
- added Czech language (@TeeJay)
- added Danish language (@chrsand)
- better (though not optimal) support for I18N-powered multilanguage sites
- and some other small fixes, optimizations...


New backend strings

Some strings have been added to the language file (these validation alerts were shown in English, and also I want them to be more descriptive):

"FIELD_IS_REQUIRED"   => "This field is required",
"ENTER_VALID_DATE"    => "Please enter a valid date / Leave blank for current date",
"ENTER_VALID_TIME"    => "Please enter a valid time / Leave blank for current time",

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