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News Manager 3.1 released

Changes (3.0 users, see Upgrade notes for more info)

- Private posts are now visible to logged-in users (@Hypertexter)
- Image/file browser improvements: default sorted by date; sortable columns (filename, date, size)
- The <title> tag in tag pages now contains the tag name
- Tag pages are now included in Sitemap

New settings/options (More information here)

New Custom Settings for:
- Auto-generated post meta description: autometad (@Oleg06)
- Using post Tags as meta keywords: metaKeywordsTags (@newdeepdan)
- Using custom GS thumbnails: imageThumbnail (@Hypertexter)
- Custom CSS class selectors (post layout, etc.) (thanks @Oleg06)
- Custom HTML markup (post layout elements)
- Customizable page navigation (custom markup and classes, useful for Bootstrap etc.)

New gsconfig settings for:
- Image sorting (filebrowser): NMIMAGESORT
- Custom authors (public names): $NMAUTHOR array
- Excluding tag pages from Sitemap: NMSITEMAPEXCLUDETAGS

New template tag/function to display/return current tag: nm_single_tag_title()


- image filebrowser was broken if custom admin folder. GSADMIN gsconfig setting is now supported
- Custom Settings label/textarea was not rendered properly with GSSTYLE wide (@Gooos)
- post options adjusted - prepared for responsive admin styles (GS 3.4), also better for navigation with keyboard (tab)
- sets "URL" as default link type in CKEditor
- better support for I18N-based multilanguage sites (prevent broken links in backend with some permalink structures)
- bug with read more link and Full Text setting when using more 1 custom setting (@Gooos)
- several filebrowser issues (@johnnyb, @bensayers)
- added security on pic script + better parameter validation
- function nm_is_single did not always work properly
- Language file was loaded twice in frontend
- Entities were decoded in Custom Settings when saving settings
- Quotes were escaped in Custom Settings if magic_quotes_gpc enabled (@Oleg06)
- Direct links to full-size post images (instead of passing them to the resizing script)
- Several other slight fixes


- added Finnish language (@naavis)
- backend warning if GSCANONICAL enabled (may help detecting issues)

Full information: What's new in NM 3.1

PS Special thanks to the great beta tester Oleg Svetlov.

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