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News Manager 3.2 beta 27 available for testing


New features:

- Added support for GS 3.2 author Display Name, defined in GS settings (@Oleg06)
(No need to use NM 3.1's $NMAUTHOR array in gsconfig, though it is still supported)

- New custom setting for author name's markup (@Hypertexter)
For example, to have <author> instead of <em>:
markupPostAuthorName author

- Optionally show disabled items in older/newer navigation
Custom setting navOldNew a is now supported


- Language fallback
If NM does not have a language file that matches the one selected by the user in GetSimple's backend, tries to find another one instead of falling back to en_US.
For example: es_MX should fallback to es_ES; de_CH to de_DE, ...

- Optimization: read index/cache file only once
Before this, posts.xml was read from disk several times. Rendering news pages should be a bit faster now (if you use sidebar functions like nm_list_recent, nm_list_archives, etc.)

- Regenerate post cache if xml files changed
Detects if post files have been added/renamed/deleted manually (ftp or whatever), then recreate posts.xml. Very basic: checks when in backend, and only slug changes.

- Allowed image sizes are registered to prevent arbitrary generation of thumbnail files (pic.php script)


- fixed: search is case sensitive with multibyte charsets (found by Russian forum user Алексей)
- fixed: bad results if leading/trailing/extra spaces in search query + fix for empty queries
- fix display of private post checkbox/label (was not aligned properly due to changes in GS 3.1). Also, the checkbox has been moved to the left of the private label
- fixed: code inside <style>, <script> tags is not removed from excerpts (strip_tags)

Feedback much appreciated. Please report any issues you find.

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