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News Manager 3.1 beta 26

This is the third beta release for NM 3.1

Download News Manager 3.1 beta 26

What's new in this beta:

Auto-generated post meta description (optional)

New custom setting autometad for automatic generation of meta description (as a content excerpt) in single post pages (like GetSimple GSAUTOMETAD gsconfig setting).
autometad 1

Custom authors

In order to avoid exposing usernames (if you enable displaying post authors), you can define a user-author array in gsconfig:

$NMAUTHOR['username'] = 'Public Author Name';
$NMAUTHOR['admin'] = 'Administrator';
// etc ...


$NMAUTHOR = array(
  'username' => 'Public Author Name',
  'admin' => 'Administrator',
// etc...

HTML is allowed in the public name (to allow e.g. linking to an author profile page), so entities must be used for <, &, ...

This was already possible with the NM Custom Authors plugin, but now adding support for this in NM itself.

More custom settings for custom HTML markup

These are for posts' elements:

markupPostDate - default is "p"
markupPostContent - default is "div"
markupPostTags - default is "p"
markupPostAuthor - default is "p"
markupPostImage - default is "div"
markupGoBack - default is "p"

Also: renamed markupTitle to markupPostTitle (with 3.0 backwards compatibility)


For other changes since NM 3.0, see info on beta 24 and beta 25.

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