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News Manager 3.1 beta 25

This is the second beta release for NM 3.1

Download News Manager 3.1 beta 25

Changelog since 3.1 beta 24:


  • Language file was loaded twice in frontend
  • Better parameter validation in pic script
  • Entities were decoded in Custom Settings when saving settings
  • Quotes were escaped in Custom Settings if magic_quotes_gpc enabled
  • Several other slight fixes


  • Tag pages, like posts, are now included in the Sitemap. There's a new gsconfig setting NMEXCLUDETAGS to disable it, like this:
    define('NMEXCLUDETAGS', true);
  • Custom settings for custom CSS classes for better (or easier) styling the news layout (see below)
  • Custom settings to allow customizing the markup and classes of the page navigation, numbered or older/newer type (see below).


  • classPost
  • classPostTitle
  • classPostTitleLink
  • classPostDate
  • classPostAuthor
  • classPostImage
  • classPostContent
  • classReadmore
  • classReadmoreLink
  • classPostTagsclassGoBack
  • classGoBackLink
  • classNav

The parameter given (which can be enclosed between quotes) will be appended to the default class of the element (if it has one).

Example using Bootstrap's classes to style "read more" link as a button:
classReadmore "center-block text-right"
classReadmoreLink "btn btn-primary"



- Markup:

  • markupNavContainer - optional wrapper, default "" (empty)
  • markupNav - default "div"
  • markupNavItem - default "span"

- Classes:

  • classNavContainer - default "" (empty)
  • classNavItemDisabled - default "disabled"
  • classNavItemCurrent - default "current"
  • classNavItemPrev - default "previous"
  • classNavItemNext - default "next"
  • classNavItemOld - default "left"
  • classNavItemNew - default "right"

Note: these custom classes replace the default values (unlike classNav, where they're appended)


- Bootstrap pagination component (for numbered page navigation)
classNav pagination
markupNavContainer nav
markupNav ul
markupNavItem li
classNavItemCurrent active
classNavItemPrev ""
classNavItemNext ""

(if you want the previous/next links always visible, add navPrevNext a)

- Bootstrap pager component (for older/newer navigation):
navOldNew 1
classNav pager
markupNavContainer nav
markupNav ul
markupNavItem li
classNavItemOld ""
classNavItemNew ""

- Bootstrap pager component (older/newer aligned to sides instead of centered):
navOldNew 1
classNav pager
markupNavContainer nav
markupNav ul
markupNavItem li
classNavItemOld previous
classNavItemNew next


Thanks to Oleg Svetlov for his suggestions and for testing.

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