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News Manager 3.0 beta 19

News Manager 3.0 beta 19 available. Download - Info

Changes since beta 18:

- bumped plugin version (from 2.5) up to 3.0 (sorry for the confusion - I should have done this way earlier)

- new custom setting breakwords allows to re-enable cutting off the last word in excerpts (like it was in versions 2.4.x and older), if you prefer it this way. Usage: enter this in Custom settings
breakwords 1

- new custom setting template allows to select a different template file, overriding the one defined in the news page. For example if you want to use temp-post.php for your full posts, enter this in Custom settings:
single template temp-post.php

- post image thumbnails are no longer stored as i18npic.*, but instead as nmimage.*
(If you're already using a beta version, you may want to delete your image cache i18npic.* files in the data/thumbs folder, they will be re-created.)

- completed and fixed most translations

- several small fixes

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