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News Manager 2.5 beta 11

Download here ( forum)

Changed options/settings since 2.5 beta 10:
- Post images / thumbnails
- Images enabled by default (including full/single posts, @TeeJay)
- Remove link in post title
- Add "Read more" link to excerpts
- Change/remove "Go back..." link

New in 2.5 beta 11:
- Custom frontend texts/strings
- Layout blocks (components)
- Conditionals for templates/components

Not changed:
- Image backend settings ($NMIMAGEINPUT, $NMIMAGEDIR)
- Yearly archives ($NMARCHIVESBY)

As an example, these are the current settings for this blog:

component nm-init

nm_set_text('ELLIPSIS','... ');
nm_set_text('READ_MORE','

component nm-top-single

nm_set_text('GO_BACK','&laquo; Back to main news page');


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