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News Manager 2.3.0


    new function nm_post_title() for use in template <title> tag
    post titles are now treated as text, not html
    better default permalinks
    changed post date edit format to yyyy-mm-dd (dateISO) instead of mm/dd/yyyy


    undo delete post (available again for GS 3.1+)
    minor UI fixes (filter, delete post link, cursor focus when editing page)
    minor (non-critical) frontend path traversal issue fixed


    added es_ES
    added hu_HU (@szrudi)

News Manager 2.3 has a new function, nm_post_title, to be used as template tag to make it possible to put the post title in the <title>...</title> tag instead of (or besides) the page title, for better SEO. More info here:

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