One-page site with GetSimple

A way to have a one-page site with anchors (for GS 3.1):

Insert this code in your template (e.g. before, after, or instead of the <?php get_content(); ?> tag).

global $pagesArray;
$pagesSorted = subval_sort($pagesArray,'menuOrder'); // or 'title', 'menu', 'url', ...
foreach ($pagesSorted as $page) if ($page['url']!='index' && $page['menuStatus']=='Y') {
    $pag = $page['url'];

<a name="<?php echo $pag; ?>"></a>
<div class="pagecontent <?php echo $pag; ?>">
    <h2><?php getPageField($pag,'title'); ?></h2>
    <?php getPageContent($pag); ?>

<?php } ?>

Edit what you need to customize the output (remove the <h2> line if you don't want titles, etc.)

Then go to Admin >  Settings and set your Custom Permalink Structure to:


All pages (but index) that have been added to the menu will be displayed in the home page.

The div's will have class="pagecontent SLUG" so that you can style them (of course you can edit that in the script, if you don't want it this way)

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