Idea for plugin (Custom title tags)

Today I posted in the GetSimple forum  an idea for a plugin project I have in mind for some time now. I think it  would be very useful:

Custom Title Tags:
An imaginary plugin for SEO and all that.


Copy customtitletags.php to your plugins folder.

Set your favourite value for:
- Sitewide page title tag  (default: "%pagetitle% - %sitename%")
(in Setup, or in the Pages sidebar)

You can also define custom title tags for a specific page (overriding the site default) in the editor options -> Custom title tag (empty for default)

You can use the following variables:
%sitename% Name of the website (as defined in GetSimple setup)
%pagetitle% Title of the current page (as defined in the editor - the one display in the page body)
%parenttitle% Title of the parent's page

Then edit your template file(s) file and replace the whole <title>...</title> line by this:

<title><?php get_custom_title_tag(); ?></title>


This plugin does not exist (and AFAIK there isn't one that does this). I have it on my mind but never find the time to do it (will do someday if no one does something equivalent before...)

Don't know if Chris would like to have something like this in the core...

Update: this plugin has been implemented by a GS forum user. Great!

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