Check if page or subpage of...

A very simple snippet for GetSImple CMS  to have a function to make conditionals. It checks if the current page, its parent or its grandparent has a certain slug (page identifier).

It doesn't work beyond 2 levels (not for great-grandchild pages)

Put this in your theme's functions.php file (create it if doesn't exist)

function page_or_ancestor_is($slug='') {
    return ( (get_parent(false) != '' && returnPageField(get_parent(false),'parent') == $slug)
               || get_parent(false) == $slug
               || return_page_slug() == $slug
// end 

Usage: in template or component, insert:

<?php if (page_or_ancestor_is('page-slug')) {?>
The conditional html/code/text...
<?php } ?> 

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