pubDateFix (publication date) - GetSimple plugin

Makes GS page date field fixed (and editable), and adds new replacement lastUpdate field.

Download pubDateFix plugin

Helper functions / template tags:
- get_page_lastupdate($dateformat)
- return_page_lastupdate($dateformat)
(they work exactly like GetSimple's get_page_date() and return_page_date() when this plugin is not installed)

A new editable Publication Date field is displayed in page options.
Note that right now this editor is rudimentary (no date picker) and has no error checking.
If the date/time entered is invalid, is will be saved as the current datetime ("now").

You can define the date[time] editing format by changing the GSEDITDATEFORMAT constant in the plugin.
Valid format examples :
  'Y-m-d H:i' => 2011-12-31 01:01
  'Y-m-d'     => 2011-12-31
  etc... (change the "-" for a "/", "." or another symbol -or none- if you wish)