EditThisPage - GetSimple plugin

EditThisPage is a plugin for the GetSimple CMS. Tested with 2.01, 2.03, 3.0 and 3.1.

What it does:

If the plugin is enabled and activated, when the user is logged in and browses the website, pages will have a quick-access 'Edit this page' link to the admin panel (like do Blogger, Wordpress, etc.)


- Download editthispage_beta-0-1.zip (v0.1 beta)
- Uncompress it and upload contents to your site's plugin directory.


In admin panel right sidebar (Page editor or Settings) yo will find a Enable EditThisPage link to activate it. Then browse your site.


  • By default the "Edit this page" links are displayed both at the beginning and end of the page content. If you want just one of them, edit file editthispage.php and comment out (by inserting a '#' character at the beginning) or  just remove one of these lines:

    add_action('content-top','editthispage'); // Edit link before page content.
    add_action('content-bottom','editthispage'); // Edit link after page content.

  • If you'd like to have the link in a different place, just remove those lines and insert the following code in your template.php file:

    <?php editthispage(); ?>
  • You can translate (or simply change) the link's text by editing this line of editthispage.php (don't change the first uppercase string, only the second one):

    define('EDITTHISPAGE','Edit this page!'); // Link text
  • The link's style can be changed too, by adding an editthispage class in your CSS stylesheet, like this:

    .editthispage { background: yellow; font:bold 11px Verdana; padding:6px; margin:10px; width:100px; }



Enable the plugin automatically when logging.
Right now (2.01, and 2.02 betas by August 2010) I haven't found a way to do it: a new hook should be added (something like 'panel-pretemplate') plus some slight modifications to the core (I will post them in the SVN sometime)