News Manager 3.6 - Release notes

This version has a couple new features and fixes an issue.

Meta description

Posts can have a meta description, like normal pages. (There's a new metad field for this in the edit post page.)

Date/time picker

The edit post page now has a date and time picker (xdsoft's jquery datetimepicker)

It is enabled by default, but can be disabled in gsconfig.php with:

define('NMDATETIMEPICKER', false);

Date/time validation is now disabled if datetimepicker is enabled, but can be enforced in gsconfig.php:


Note: the News Manager DateTimePicker plugin is no longer required, and should be deactivated/removed

Fixed issues with ellipsis (number nav)

The ellipsis (default "...") in numbered page navigation -introduced in NM 3.4- was not displayed (nor aligned) properly in Bootstrap (when customized as a "pagination" component). Now it will be in a <span> tag (just like in the disabled previous/next buttons). Also for Bootstrap, the <li> container for the ellipsis now has class .disabled.