News Manager 3.5 - what's new

Note: If you're upgrading from a previous News Manager version, please check changes about Multi-User integration and function nm_post_url()

New in 3.5

Replacement template functions for proper canonical meta tag

For better SEO, you can edit your template(s) and change get_header to nm_get_header (or get_i18n_header to nm_get_i18n_header if you use mvlcek's I18N plugin)

Correct canonical meta tags (in <head> section) will be generated for single posts, archives and tag pages.

Changes in 3.5

Integration with Multi-User plugin:

By default, now there is no custom permission to prevent access to News Manager Settings (which was introduced in NM 3.3). Users will only be granted access to NM Settings if they have access to Plugins OR Theme management pages.

However this can be reverted with new gsconfig setting NMMULTIUSERCUSTOMPERMS (see below)

This has been done because of a bug in the Multi-User plugin available in Extend (version 1.8.2) - it breaks when you try to add new users.

If you use a patched or forked version that doesn't have this issue, insert this in gsconfig.php


Change in function nm_post_url

This template tag (available since NM 3.0) will now display/return the post permalink with escaped ampersands (& amp; instead of &). This should only affect sites that have a default/non-fancy permalink structure in GetSimple's Website settings.

Any custom script or component that e.g. uses nm_post_url(false) may have to change it to htmlspecialchars_decode(nm_post_url(false))