News Manager 3.4 - what's new

Changelog for this version:

Changes (note this if upgrading):

  • dropped support for GetSimple 3.0 - from now on, GS 3.1 or higher is required
  • NM2COMPAT gsconfig setting is no longer supported (if you're using it, see upgrading to NM 3)
  • number of items displayed in numbered page navigation is limited to a maximum of 7 (customizable, see below)


  • gsconfig setting NMDEFAULTEXCLUDETAGS (see below)
  • several new custom settings for customizing the number of items and ellpisis in numbered navigation (see below)
  • added support for PHP date() format (besides strfime)


  • breakWords 1 setting was ignored by function nm_post_excerpt (also in meta description, if using autometad 1 setting)

Number of items displayed in page navigation

Numbered page navigation now has a maximum number of page items displayed: 7 by default, with first and last items always visible and at least two items on either side of the current page number. Truncated items are replaced by an ellipsis item ("...")

1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 10
1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 ... 10
1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10

Custom settings available:

  • navMidSize - Minimum number of links to either side of current page (Default 2). Set to a very high number (e.g. 9999) if you want all items always visible.
  • navEndSize - Minimum number of links on either the start and the end list edges. (Default 1)
  • navFixSize - Fixed number of visible items. Default 1 (enabled), 0 to disable. If enabled, always displays the same total number of links, by default 7 items = (navMidSize+navEndSize)*2+1
  • navEllipsis - Text for the ellipsis. Default is "..."
  • classNavEllipsis - lets you customize the class of ellipsis items. Default is "ellipsis" (for class="ellipsis")

Exclude posts by tag

You can define a "special" tag (or several tags separated by commas) to gsconfig.php like this: define('NMDEFAULTEXCLUDETAGGED', 'mytag');
define('NMDEFAULTEXCLUDETAGGED', 'mytag1,mytag2,mytag3');

Or you can use "invisible" tags (prefixed with underscore), e.g.: define('NMDEFAULTEXCLUDETAGGED', '_hide');

Posts having excluded tags will not be listed in: the main and secondary news pages, date archives, sidebar recent and archives functions - only in tag pages and search results.