GetSimple stuff

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  • Custom title tag plugin

    GetSimple forum user ePirat has implemented the plugin I suggested for customizing title tags. Great work ePirat! Forum support thread - Download (Extend)
  • New "Force I18N Lang" plugin for GetSimple

    I just have developed a small plugin that lets your I18N internationalised GetSimple site to have all links in menus, etc. with a lang= parameter, possibly better for SEO purposes...
  • Recent Pages 0.2.1 beta

    Recent Pages plugin updated, version 0.2.1. Minor update: pages with publication date set in the future will not be listed (until then), so you can schedule publication of pages.
  • New pubDateFix plugin

    This plugin changes the behaviour of GetSimple's page date field (pubDate), making it fixed, working like a real publication date (it will not change when you edit and save a...
  • Custom index title tag (with a component)

    If you want your homepage to have a customized title tag different to the default for all pages, you can do this. 1. Create a component 'titletag' with this content...
  • Recent Pages 0.2 beta

    Recent Pages plugin updated, version 0.2. Minor update to make it compatible with PagesXML plugin 2.3. Note that Recent Pages 0.2 will not work properly with Pages 2.2 or older.