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If you need to have several separate blog/news instances with News Manager you can use this -kludgey- solution, at least until multi-section is supported by the plugin.

I've made three clones based on NM version 3.2.2. Each one has its own admin panel and settings and has to be be assigned to a different GS page.

Download: (258K)

Installation: Unzip and upload the clones you need (news_manager_cloneX.php and news_manager_cloneX/* for each one) to the plugins/ folder, and activate-

- sidebar/template functions are prefixed by nmclone1_, nmclone2_ or nmclone3_ (instead of nm_) - e.g. nmclone1_list_recent() to list clone1's recent posts.
- gsconfig settings are NMclone1SAVEAUTHOR (instead of NMSAVEAUTHOR), etc.
- css styles, however, are the normal .nm_post, etc.
- each one has its own language file (so you can edit them to change texts like "News Manager clone 1" to something nicer)
- post XML files are stored in /data/nmclone1_posts/ , etc.

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