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News Manager 3.3 released

Changelog for this version:

Back-end (admin) improvements:

  • Warning about unsaved changes in backend (edit post, settings). It can be disabled
  • Backend prev/next numbered pagination in posts list (@xxdex)
  • Optional backend "News" tab (instead of being under the Pages tab) (@serjoscha87, @Tyblitz, @TeeJay, @davetest)
  • Multi User plugin support: restrict access to NM settings
  • Multi User custom landing page (@davetest)
  • Backend strings can also be customized in gsconfig
  • Improved ckeditor support (toolbar, options) (@stwneu)

Front-end functions and settings:

  • Improvements in sidebar functions (show post count, active class, ...) (@GPB61)
  • Support for archives by tag (@arseny89)
  • New custom setting to limit number of posts in tag view (@D.O., @lnickel)
  • New option to make thumbnails link to full-size image (@dvawolk)
  • New custom setting: custom class for post image links (@Oleg06)
  • New template tag/function to display single post's date (@singha-cz)
  • Custom month names and alternative month names (e.g. for nominative/genitive cases)

Changes and fixes

  • All error pages (non-existent tag or post, invalid archive or wrong page number) now return a 404 code.
  • News pages for non-existent tag and invalid archives now display a "No posts have been found." message (NO_POSTS), just like the main news page. (@DmitriyT)
  • Empty values were ignored in custom frontend strings - fixed.


  • New German translation (Thanks @Markus00000 and @Connie)
  • Hungarian translation completed (Thanks @szrudi)
  • Russian translation includes custom month names (genitive and nominative)

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