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News Manager 3.0 released

What's new in 3.0:

- last word in excerpts is no longer truncated by default
- single posts' title is inserted in the <title> tag by default, for better SEO
- Sitemap supported again (GS 3.3.x) - posts are inserted in sitemap.xml (this can be disabled)
- numbered page navigation by default
- upgrade check for the correct plugin version in Extend
- new strings (and some changes) in language files

News Manager 2.x users, see upgrade notes

New features
- featured images/post thumbnails (custom size, optional cropping, alt attribute and link to post)
- optional "read more" link after the post excerpt
- "go back" link can be changed or disabled
- optional post titles without link (for single post pages or all news pages)
- optional yearly archives (instead of monthly)
- extra Save post and Save settings buttons in admin sidebar (like in GS)
- hidden/internal tags (if they begin with an underscore, "_")
- tags can now have blank spaces and most non-alphanumeric, non-English characters
Special options (as custom or gsconfig settings/texts):
- custom date format for the sidebar archives
- post images: title attribute, default image, custom CSS class...
- optional placeholder text in search input box (HTML5)
- optional force lowercase tags
- custom settings depending of newspage type
- custom frontend texts (including date formats)
- template tags and conditionals for use in templates or components
- support for post authors (basic)
- optional rich excerpts ("more" cutoff by <hr>)
- post layout customization (change some html tags, reorder/hide fields)
- custom tag separator (front-end)
- optional components to insert custom code after posts (for external comments, share buttons...)
- tag page pagination
- template selection (overriding the newspage's template)
- custom navigation: prev/next and/or numbered, or old-style (older/newer posts); also can be disabled
- custom URL parameters/prefixes
- single post URLs without the /post/ prefix (fancy URLs, only if news is not index)
- custom (URL) pagination index start
- ...
See documentation for new settings and advanced options

BIG THANKS (for contributing / suggesting / testing / translating / ...) TO:
blazejs, bokor.pavol, Connie, D.O., emanwebdev, GBP61, Kiriakos, m[e]s, mvlcek, roog, shawn_a, Oleg06, szrudi, TeeJay
(sorry if I forgot anyone)


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